I aim to awaken children’s imaginations by igniting their curiosity through storytelling—  cultivating a love for reading and learning together!

Through my storybooks of vivid tales and interactive adventures, I seek to spark curiosity in young hearts, encouraging them to ask questions, explore, learn life lessons, and seek answers fearlessly.  I strive to empower these young readers, reminding them that they are the architects of their dreams, capable of achieving greatness beyond imagination.

I believe that within every child lies a dormant realm of creativity, waiting to be awakened. Together, we’ll unleash the power of imagination, changing the world, one story at a time.

– Ashley Irvin

A heartwarming story of an enduring bond between a father and his son. One day a wild storm breaks the fence of their farm, allowing one sheep to escape. The story unfolds as the father and son embark on a determined quest to find the lost sheep. Throughout their journey, they demonstrate resilience, and strengthen their connection as they work together to bring the sheep back home.

Join Detective Harper as he solves the case of the missing cookies.

Bonus Content Inside!

–A Yummy cookie recipe

–Hidden magnifying glass on each page

–Fingerprint with a code that unlocks interactive games