The Little Shepherd and The Lost Sheep

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In a heartwarming tale of an enduring bond between a father and his son, the father shares timeless knowledge of tending to their cherished flock of sheep. But when a strong storm blows through their farm, one sheep escapes, and the little shepherd soon learns the importance of searching for the lost sheep. What unfolds is an extraordinary journey of determination and perseverance, where the father and son duo embark on a quest to bring the sheep back home. In this captivating story, children will learn the power of resilience and empathy, bringing home the lost, and discovering the profound meaning of being a good shepherd.

1 review for The Little Shepherd and The Lost Sheep

  1. Melody Vestal

    I loved this story and was so enamored with the bright, engaging illustrations! I would encourage parents of all ages to purchase this treasure and share with their children and friends! I was so moved and inspired by this message!

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